Cosy Corner Yoga is pleased to announce the following events:

Verwood Quarterly Full Moon Gong Baths

Gong Baths will take place at the St Michaels Parish Hall in Verwood on the following dates:

- 17/02/2019

- 14/04/2019

- 19/05/2019 *** this one is at Cosy Corner Studio***

- 14/07/2019

- 13/10/2019

All sessions will take place on a Sunday evening at 6.15pm, the date coinciding with the closest Sunday to the full moon.

Investment is £12.

Join us for an evening of self care and healing. We will be delivering a relaxing Gong Bath - 90 minutes of pure bliss to drift and be bathed in healing vibrations. This is a great way to end your weekend and be ready for the week ahead, create time to breathe and relax just for you. Whilst having a Gong sound bath your body will naturally tune in and create a resonance with the sound. Each Gong works on a different part of yourself. Energetically, emotionally, Spiritually, and physically, there is no part that will not receive the sound.

It is also a wonderful way to relieve anxiety, stress and totally relax. This process can be deeply life-changing and profound.

The full address of the venue is:

Verwood Parish Hall

Manor Road



BH31 6DZ

(apart from May 19th)

Off road car parking is available.

New Moon Gong Baths

Please come along and join us for our New Moon Gong Bath here at Cosy Corner studio. We will play the gongs to take you on a relaxing healing journey, helping you have a good restful nights sleep, feeling refreshed, vibrant and restored. Everything provided! Under floor heating, duvets, blankets, pillows and eye pillows. A candlelit haven of healing and vibrational sound in a sacred gong space.

£12 per person minimum of 4 people.

Booking essential. A blissful evening of pure relaxation.

07/04/2019        29/09/2019
30/06/2019        27/10/2019
04/08/2019        24/11/2019

Candlelit Meditation and Yoga Nidra

I would like to invite you all to this wonderful Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Nidra. We will explore deep breathing, visualization and powerful affirmations. Mindfulness is so good for us and it does something wonderful to our brain!

Mindfulness decreases stress, strengthens our functioning bodies, helps us sleep better, re-organises our nervous system and helps us deal with all sorts of challenges in a better and more positive way. It produces the relaxation response, reducing stress, the recurrence of depression, biological aging, pain symptoms and the sensation of pain itself.

Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)
Is a trans-formative, healing practice. It relaxes the body and quiets the mind. Half an hour of yoga Nidra is equivalent to 2 hours sleep. Snuggle down and allow your body to relax in a state akin to the deepest of sleeps, while your mind, staying alert, guided by my voice, attunes itself to the theta level where healing occurs.
Finished off by the healing sounds of Tibetan bowls and gentle vibrational healing of the gong.
This meditation will leave you feeling connected to yourself, more aligned with who you are and aware of enjoying the present moment wherever you are and whatever you do.

Booking Essential as limited space - Perfect small group session £10 per person. Herbal relaxing teas and all equipment mats/blankets/aromatherapy hand creams provided.

The session will take take place on the following dates:

02/04/2019       10/09/2019
07/05/2019        01/10/2019
11/06/2019        12/11/2019
09/07/2019        03/12/2019

Swanage Yoga & Gong Bath - Saturday, April 27th - Mowlem Theatre

We begin with gentle yoga to re-balance & loosen ourselves up & get our energy flowing to help bounce into Spring.

Followed by the Gongs cleansing & healing vibrational sound waves through our whole bodies & minds allowing stagnant energies & emotions to float away for golden spring of 2019.

Please bring mats, blankets, sleeping bags, cushions - anything for comfort & wear comfy clothes
This is a fun way to start your weekend and be ready for the week ahead, create time to breathe and relax just for you.. 

Give yourself a gift of time out for yoga and sound therapy this year.....a time for self care....

A gentle mixed ability happy yoga session, focused on stretching, creating space within our physical bodies, pranayama and relaxation followed by a sleepy healing Gong bath.

Yoga Class at 10.15am until 11.15am

Gong Bath 11.20am until 12.30pm

It is also a wonderful way to relieve anxiety, stress and totally relax.

Gong bath only £12. Yoga only £8.

Please bring a yoga mat and blanket for the yoga class (we have a few spare).

Eye masks and refreshments provided

The full address of the venue is:

The Community Room,

Mowlem Theatre,

Shore Rd,


BH19 1DD

Lyme Regis Gong Yoga - Saturday, June 29th - The Hub

Details to come soon for this unique gong yoga event

A Relaxing Cosy Yoga Retreat Day - Coming on a Saturday in November 2019 - Day TBA

Set within the beautiful Orangery Suite and Gardens at Merley House in Wimborne, Dorset, join Sandra for this one day retreat and escape the chaos of modern day living.

The Relaxing Cosy Yoga Retreat Day is perfect for everyone who fancies time out from our busy worlds.

During the Relaxing Calming Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat Day you will experience:

A Walking meditation - a chance to breathe in the fresh air, and connect with nature in the beautiful grounds of Merley House.

A Hatha flow moving with grace and fluidity to challenge your body's ability to balance and stabilise that will help focus on the physical alignment that your body needs, together with synchronising movement with the breath to enhance strength and flexibility.

Contemplations - a chance for you to press pause, reflect and review where you are in life with an opportunity to set new intentions through meditation and pranyama.

A Yin Restorative Yoga practice where you will open up deep, dense and rarely touched areas of the body helping to quiet the mind and become the observer......

Pranayama - Deep breathing practices that will cleanse you from the inside out, relaxing scents of aromatherapy creams to help calmness within.

Final Shavasana and Yoga Nidra - a classical practice of meditation, which is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating with the vibrations of various healing gongs played in a gentle and relaxing manner to suit this holistic therapeutic day.

Enjoy a complimentary vegetarian organic lunch, Tea Infusions, Organic Cake and Fresh Fruits for snacks.

Goodbye…Emerge Feeling Restored, Rested, Rejuvenated and Ready to Engage back into the World, feeling refreshed, revitalised and reconnected with your true self, having a deep sense of inner calm and clarity.

How to book:
An early bird booking investment of £70 is available if you pay and book your place  early. Thereafter, the investment will be £85. Our last retreat day sold out very fast so please book early to avoid any disappointment.

Booking is essential and places are limited.

The full address of the venue is:

Merley House
Merley House Lane
BH21 3AA

Off road car parking is available.