Gong Baths

Small group Gong Baths take place in our Verwood studio once per month celebrating the New Moon. In addition, we hold monthly gong baths celebrating the Full Moon for a larger number of participants at St Michael's Parish Centre in Verwood and in a hall at nearby Holt. Please see the Events page for further details and the Cosy Corner Facebook page for further updates.

The gong bath is a most soothing and holistic treatment using a combination of gongs and singing bowls to penetrate your body in an attempt to remove blockages, bringing harmony to your body and mind. Vibrations from these amazing instruments wash over the participants hence the term “gong bath”.

Gong baths are a powerful way to bring your body and mind into balance. A gong bath can shift your being from a state of suffering into a state of healing and clarity. During a gong bath or after relaxation, some people may feel extremely relaxed, or may experience a spontaneous release of feelings. Each experience is unique and very personal and is said to address each individual’s particular issues and state of being. You may also experience different feelings from one gong bath to the next.

When you arrive you can lie down on your back, front or side (in fact any position that you feel comfortable in), relax your muscles, close your eyes, and attentively listen to the sounds. All you need to bring is you. You should wear comfortable clothing; Everything is provided with the New Moon gong bath at Cosy Corner - duvets and blankets, and eye pillows are provided which will provide you with an unforgettable experience. For the Full Moon gong bath in the hall please bring something comfortable to lay on/in. We do have some spare duvets and blankets however.

“The gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind. It is the only thing that can suspend the human mind and put it in order: the sound of the gong.” Yogi Bhajan

A 2 minute sound-byte from a nearby Gong Bath hosted by Cosy Corner...

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