Pure Restorative Yoga

Pure Restorative Yoga is a very gentle inward form of yoga where the body is placed into highly therapeutic postures (asanas) that are supported with props while the mind is invited to slow down and watch the breath. 

Unlike our Restorative Yoga classes, Pure Restorative Yoga is more than just Restorative Yoga as there are fewer postures and they are held much longer.  The result is a state of relaxation much deeper than traditional restorative yoga.  The slow pace and deep breathing triggers parts of the nervous system to reduce the effects of stress, calming the body and mind down.  Restorative yoga practice can help restore muscle and pains from active practice or everyday life.

This restorative practice is perfect for almost anyone, from an athlete who needs time to repair his or her body after strenuous training to someone who needs some quiet time for his or herself.  Restorative yoga is a perfect complement to other styles of yoga and other forms of exercise. Because it is so gentle, it is also a great practice for people who are working with limitations in their bodies such as injuries, cancer treatment and heart conditions.  It is also great for people who have not exercised in a while and want to ease back into a more active practice.

In my Pure Restorative classes I often use crystals to support the healing process and invite the mind to deeply relax.