Relaxation and Gong

The gong is traditionally used in the Kundalini Yoga tradition as a healing tool.  The sound vibrations of the gong move through your body and mind clearing blockages, releasing tension, and bringing harmony to you.

When you arrive at a relaxation session you will be led into deep relaxation, lying flat on your back under a blanket.  You will be offered an eye-mask (during day light hours) to help you drop deeply into a calm and restful state.  The gong then does all of the hard work.  There is no yoga involved - it is simply then a sound healing session.  The gong is played for approximately 30 minutes, after which you gently awaken, come back from relaxation and have a cool refreshing iced lemon water or green tea.

The gong is played using a soft shamanic-like drumming rhythm which soothes the nervous system and relaxes the brain through various brain-wave states; alpha (relaxed/daydreaming), theta (deep meditation) and delta (deep sleep).  The sound waves enable deep healing and clear blockages from the body and mind; it is quite common to twitch and realign during a sound healing session, and to have vivid images arise or to feel like you are taken on an inner journey. The gong enables us to let our bodies return us to a state of harmony and balance.
Mats, bolsters, pillows, blankets are all provided along with under floor heating.  You may wish to wear comfy, snuggly warm clothes and fluffy socks. Whatever you feel most comfortable in....