Yoga for Backs

Back discomfort is a common problem. Now there is an innovative evidence-based way to improve back health and function.

'Yoga for backs', gently and progressively, aims to help people get back to being more active again. Ask your GP whether this gentle, evidence-based, specially-modified yoga course is appropriate for you. Enjoy helping yourself with this yoga 'toolkit', as many others have.

The 'Yoga for Backs' class is a 75 minutes class comprising of easy foundational yoga poses. Props such as a yoga block, blanket or belt are used to aid effectiveness and ensure absolute comfort.

There is no need to wait until your next back episode recurs before starting the classes (12 sessions recommended as a foundation). The class is designed to give you long-term benefits. You will be taught to bring postural improvements, mental focus and relaxation techniques into your daily life.

'Yoga for Backs’ is considered to be cost-effective. Workplace Yoga can reduce absenteeism. Research shows days off work reduced by approx 70% over a year from this single 12-weeks worth of classes. This holistic course is designed to address stress-management, an increase in physical activity, and other positive outcomes additional to lower back health...